Each of us has a unique set of capabilities that allows us to create our future. Creative License™ Consulting is in business to help you, your team, and your organization activate these capabilities - and change your world.
Founded by Steven Kowalski, Ph.D. in 1995, we've partnered with people in companies across the U.S. and in Europe, providing consulting, team facilitation, coaching, and designing corporate learning initiatives. At the heart of our work are a few core principles:
  • Collaboration: Our working process is inclusive, collaborative, and open. Our expertise combined with your business knowledge and wisdom about your organization lead to measurable results.

  • Learning: At its core, learning is about curiosity, discovery and reflection. Our partnership not only helps solve today's challenges - it builds capability that improves future performance.

  • Creativity: Your creativity is one of the most valuable and inexhaustible resources in this changing, complex world. Our goal is to activate it and help you focus it on your most pressing business challenges.
Our clients inspire us with their ingenuity, passion, and commitment to the businesses in which they work.
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