Our team is centered, resourceful, possibility-oriented, authentic, resilient, and driven by impact. Each of us is certified in the Creativity in Business approach and methodology.

Our two central, measurable aims are:
  • help our clients achieve "breakthrough" on key goals, initiatives, and business challenges that require ingenuity and the application of creative problem solving.
  • Empower leaders to generate sustainable organizational conditions that foster the generation and implementation of new ideas.
Our core design and engagement principles:
  • Every member within an organization has the potential to turn their creative attention to the challenges they are working on
  • When people are encouraged to bring their authentic self to these challenges, there is an increase in original solutions, commitment and accountability, and intelligent decision-making
  • Complex, uncertain, and highly interdependent goals require peoples' creativity to achieve results that are "beyond usual answers"
  • Leaders have a unique role in articulating the purpose for creativity and innovation - and demonstrating behaviors that enable innovative results
  • Working and learning together as a community, at a sustainable pace, leads to participant-centered change
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