Our unique and custom-designed programs help clients solve critical business challenges - while building sustainable behavior change within leadership teams, departments, and across functional boundaries. Both stakeholders and participants learn valuable skills for collaborating on business goals that require ingenuity, creativity, intelligent risk, and resilience.

All deliveries of Creativity in Business focus on applying four core tools:
  • Trust Your Creativity
  • Relax the Inner Critic
  • See Beyond the Apparent
  • Ask Powerful Questions
Flexible delivery options allow for multiple, customizable formats. Each program includes work with a Senior Leader Sponsor and their Team, and key groups within the organization. Deliveries may also include customers (internal and external), alliance partners, supply chain partners, and cross-functional partners from across the enterprise.

Delivered Over Time: Our preferred method, this typically involves 5 Sessions over 3-4 months, with interim application activities and peer coaching. Best results are achieved with a cohort group of participants working on challenging longer-term goals.

Off-sites and Departmental Meetings: Excellent for engaging larger groups in culture change and/or goal planning/setting, and when outcomes require cross-functional collaboration. This format typically involves pre-meetings with the leadership team, managers and other teams within the organization - culminating in a 1.5-2-day Off-site with 3-200 people.

Train the Trainer: We also offer services that build internal capability to deliver the CIB content and methodology - by certifying leaders as well as HR/Learning Professionals.

The beauty of the CIB methodology is that it delivers sustainable results with professionals from all business functions and across any industry. Over the years, we've brought CIB to Research Scientists, Software Engineers, Health professionals, IT Managers, Project Managers, Customer Service Teams, and Sales and Marketing Managers. We are currently in the process of developing programs for Government Leaders, Public Education and Military Leadership.
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