For over 25 years, Creativity in Business has revolutionized the way business leaders apply their creativity to generate profitable, enduring and game-changing results.
We've adapted the famed Creativity in Business (CIB) approach and methodology - developed at Stanford's Graduate School of Business - for corporate clients.
At its core, Creativity in Business is a systemic approach for activating your employees' creativity and ingenuity to address critical goals and organizational challenges, and accelerate culture change and business transformation.

Our central, measurable aims are to:
  • Help you achieve "breakthrough" on key goals, initiatives, and complex challenges that require ingenuity, game-changing results, and challenging the status quo.
  • Embed practices in your organization that will help you achieve breakthrough results today - and into the future.
  • Help leaders demonstrate behaviors that inspire and motivate the development of new ideas and approaches that drive value.
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