At the root of the Creativity in Business approach and tools is an inclusive philosophy, which proposes that:

Everyone is creative. Rather than viewing creativity as accessible only by some - or more prevalent in some industries, departments or walks of life - we see it as a core potential we all have to invent new solutions to the challenges and opportunities we encounter.

Creativity always starts with a compelling question or "purpose." A clear problem statement and purpose inspires the creative potential in everyone.

Creativity is essential for health, happiness and success in business and in life.

Creativity is often blocked by fear, judgment, expectations, agendas and the chattering of the mind.

Paying attention to our creative process can help open up greater access to creativity and develop agility and skill in using our creativity when it is needed.

Creativity is idiosyncratic. We each have a unique relationship with our own creative process that contributes to our creative "style."

Creativity in Business dispels broadly-held myths about creativity:
  • The smarter you are, the more creative you are.
  • The young are more creative than the old.
  • Creativity is reserved for the few.
  • Creativity is a solitary act.
  • You can't manage creativity.
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