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Creative Agility Cards

Sixteen cards - each representing a key variable in individual and team creative agility - make for an extremely flexible resource. Topics include Motivation, Imagination, Conflict, Communication, and Decision-Making, among others.

The deck can be used to assess a team’s strengths or challenges in achieving innovation goals, for team-building and leadership development, and to start dialogue designed to untangle interpersonal and organizational issues that can block creative performance. Purchase includes a free downloadable brochure with suggestions for using the deck.
$34.50 per deck of 16 cards

Creative Licensetm

We’re all familiar with the term “artistic license” – when an artist bends the rules or takes risks to create something unique and novel. In a similar way, the ability to take Creative License in our work and our lives is essential to invent solutions to our most pressing challenges, go beyond the usual answers, take intelligent risks, and make decisions amidst uncertainty.

The Creative License serves as a symbol of the freedom we all have to invent our own rules and find surprising ways to work around constraints.
$12.50 per set of 5 Creative Licenses

Creative Licensetm Flipbook

The ability to take Creative License in our work and our lives is essential to invent solutions to our most pressing challenges, go beyond the usual answers, take intelligent risks, and make decisions amidst uncertainty.

The Creative License Flipbook accompanies the Creative License and is designed to help people activate their Creative License by taking six key actions that turn potential into performance.

Use the Flipbook in workshops, classrooms, team off-sites, and staff meetings – or invent your own novel uses!
$24.50 per each flipbook

Personal Creativity Suite

Creativity is the capability that drives innovative results. But access to creative potential is often clouded by experiences in our past, our “voice of judgment,” beliefs, assumptions and a lack of awareness about how our personal preferences influence creative results.

The Personal Creativity Suite includes 3 tools that help restore full access to our creative potential:
  • History of Opportunity folder. Tools to help people consider how their past experiences, beliefs, assumptions, and “internal rules” may enable or inhibit creative performance.
  • Creative Preferences assessment. Tools to help people understand their creative style, and work more effectively with other creative styles.
  • Beliefs Quiz. A self assessment that helps uncover beliefs about creativity that may be influencing how you take and reward creative action.
$19.50 per one set of three tools

Innovation Essentials Wheel

Build a workplace where the conditions are right for people to take initiative, spot opportunities, and turn them into innovations that generate value.

The Innovation Essentials Wheel helps your organization improve design thinking and focus creative action in five key areas: Scouting, Packaging, Advocating, Building, and Testing.

Use the Wheel to guide conversations in Departmental Off-sites, Manager's Meetings, or as a component of employee engagement/culture change initiatives. The Wheel is a valuable resource to start conversations about what behaviors need to change or shift to help achieve extraordinary results. "We used it before we set our 2010 goals – and what we came up with was great – different than our usual process!"

Our price: By special order, customizable, and branded with your organization's logo

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Oasistm Simulation

OASIS is a group-learning experience about productivity, change agility, employee resilience and work/life balance. The activities provide a safe, conversational environment that inspires personal reflection and meaningful dialogue amongst team members about how to work more productively at a sustainable pace.

OASIS simulates the risks and opportunities of crossing life’s deserts – those uncertain arenas in life-like navigating through change and business complexity, making career choices, and building relationships in a virtual world. In a desert, known skills and past experience have limited value.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Work teams, new teams, and cross-functional business teams. Oasis is highly effective for team development (groups of 6 - 32) and for Departmental meetings and Off-sites (groups of 32 – 120).

Each Oasis Kit contains:
  • Overview. Explains the objectives, materials and flow of an Oasis session.
  • Facilitator Presentation/Notes. Oasis can be easily facilitated by anyone with some group facilitation expertise. Learn more about how we can help you facilitate an Oasis session here.
  • Pre-Work. A digital file you can send out to participants in advance of the session.
  • 8 Learner Guides. One for each participant.
  • 4 Desert Challenge Simulation Sheets. Used in groups to experience the simulation.
$495.00 per kit for 6-8 people

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