Jim Collins
CIB graduate, and author of popular business and leadership books including Built to Last and Good to Great.

The World Café
One of our favorite methodologies for awakening and engaging collective intelligence by asking powerful questions.

One of our key partners, Originaliti is a learning design company that helps inspire change in companies and individuals.

Asset-Based Thinking and the Cramer Institute
Asset-Based Thinking is an approach that focuses on opportunity, strengths and possibilities. The Cramer Institute is one of our long-time partners in the effort to activate creativity for remarkable results.

Steve Donahue and Shifting Sands
Author of Shifting Sands and collaborator on our Program, OASIS, Steve gets to the heart of what sustains, renews, and guides each of us.

Nancy Margulies Mindscapes
Long-time collaborator, consultant, and “mindscaper” extraordinare, Nancy brings a unique set of skills to facilitate team learning and group process.

Harvard Business Review (HBR)
Our source for great content, fresh ideas, and the latest from some of our favorite management gurus.

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