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Interview with David Allen
Listen to Steven Kowalski, founder of Creative License™ talking with famed productivity guru David Allen about learning, innovation, and the challenges facing fast growth companies. As part of David’s GTD Connect, In Conversation series, David and Steven talk in-depth about how human behavior relates to business success. Approximately 48 minutes.
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Top 10 Best Practices for Creative Teams, by Steven Kowalski, Ph.D.
Creativity is a social process, and therein lies the challenge: most of the difficulties that arise as individuals and teams move creative ideas from vision to implementation are interpersonal – in the way people manage conflict, make decisions, communicate, etc. This informative article, written by Steven Kowalski, Ph.D., explores the Top 10 Best Practices for nipping such interpersonal issues in the bud.
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Trust “Balance Sheet”
Trust in a team or organization is critical for taking risks and leveraging intelligent failure for innovative results. Download a PDF file of our free Creative License™ Trust Balance Sheet – and start a conversation in your team or workgroup about your trust ‘assets’ and ‘liabilities’. Use the Trust Balance Sheet to strengthen a foundation of trust that supports creative action.
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The Creative Process (CP)
This resource – developed by Creative License™ Consulting Services – provides a brief overview of the four main phases of the creative process as described across a wide spectrum of authors, researchers and thought leaders. Coming Soon

Design Rules for Innovation
Download a PDF file of our easy-to-use summary of “Ten Rules” for sparking a culture of innovation across any enterprise, written by renowned management expert, Gary Hamel.
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How to Start a Creative Revolution at Work
Download a PDF file of our brief summary of five behaviors for starting a creative revolution at work, drawn from the book “What If? “ by Allan, Kingdon, Murrin, and Rudkin.
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“Beyond New Ideas” by Steven Kowalski, Ph.D.
This informative article explores the challenges associated with effective interventions to boost innovation capability, and makes key recommendations for evaluating the depth and breadth of proposals by external consultants. Coming Soon

Creative License™ Creativity Quiz
This resource provides a “quick quiz” with some questions that can be used to clarify what people believe about creativity. Keep in mind that the value of this tool lies in the quality of the dialogue that is generated – not from the tool itself. Therefore it is important to set a context for its use, and then work to draw out important issues that emerge. Coming Soon

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