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Founded in 1995 by consultant, educator and entrepreneur Steven Kowalski, Ph.D., Creative License Consulting Services has worked with clients across industries and continents. We offer high-impact consulting and learning solutions for innovation as well as organizational and employee development. Based on 25 years of expertise in the fields of creativity/innovation, organization development, learning, and human resources, we partner with clients to:
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Business/Enterprise Innovation Strategies
Leaders often talk about the importance of innovation to profitability, growth, and sustained organizational success. And while most of our clients include innovation in their company values or competency model, few actually have a clearly articulated innovation mission and strategy – along with "game-changing" goals and metrics.

Contact us to talk about how we can help you:
  • Discover arenas for creating new value.
  • Define a bold, compelling and audacious innovation mission which serves as a focal point for mobilizing creative action.
  • Define a set of goals and metrics that clearly spell out how to achieve this mission.
  • Develop key messages and communications leaders can deliver to inspire teams.
  • Address cultural norms that may inhibit the achievement of innovation goals.
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Innovation Projects/Initiatives
Our clients tell us that one of the best ways to get peoples' creativity kicked into high gear is to get them working on exciting projects that make a difference. Even better is when those people closest to the work get to help define the challenging - yet inspiring - problems they want to work on!

Contact us to talk about how we've worked with Scientists, Engineers, Project Managers, IT Managers, and HR Managers to:
  • Set up innovation projects (identify priority focus areas, resource people onto teams, develop team charters, and clarify deliverables).
  • Ensure that people have freedom to bring all of their ingenuity, initiative and smarts to the process (sponsor/stakeholder management, communications, and ROI analyses).
  • Ensure people learn skills during these stretch assignments that transfer to success on future projects and career development (after-action reviews, communicating what's been accomplished, presentation of results).
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Leadership Programs
Working with clients over the years, we've designed leadership programs and tools for some of the brightest people in companies and organizations across the world and across industries, content areas, and in multiple languages.

A few things stand out:
  • Leaders are most engaged when learning addresses a real, clearly stated need - and they believe the new skill, framework, or tool will help them now and in the future.
  • The best learning experiences are challenging and fun - using discovery, metaphor, dialogue, and play.
  • When leaders have "open spaces" to chart their own course within a program, the learning sticks.
  • Programs are most effective when they are part of larger initiatives that address related workplace factors (e.g. reward systems, cultural issues, technology/systems issues, etc.) that could undermine new behaviors.
Contact us to find out how we can help you develop learning and leadership programs that make a difference.
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Culture Change Initiatives
What makes culture change successful? We take a practical, metrics-based approach, starting with what is changing in your business, organization, and external environment. Here's what some of our clients have told us:
  • Slowing growth and global competition require that we differentiate ourselves.
  • Our leadership inherited a risk-adverse departmental culture where sticking out your neck often led to getting it cut off.
  • We are losing key talent - largely because the pace of work is unsustainable for many of our best employees and leaders.
  • We need to reinvent many of our core business processes in order to respond to external pressures and macro-economic trends.
  • Our sales approach is founded on a fundamentally outdated and unsustainable model - and needs an upgrade given changes in our industry.
Contact us if you'd like to make significant transformations in your culture that will translate into business results - even in the face of complex challenges.
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Employee Engagement Initiatives
What's your "brand" as an employer? How are you communicating that brand out into the talent marketplace? And how are you demonstrating your commitment to those brand attributes to employees every day?

Your "promise" to employees - and their sense of whether you are keeping that promise - is one of the most critical components to employee engagement. We focus our work on employee engagement in five key areas:
  • Ensuring employees know how they are contributing to meaningful work that makes a difference.
  • Coaching Senior Leaders to lead more authentically, set direction even in uncertainty, and communicate where the organization is going.
  • Helping managers understand what it means to be a "great manager".
  • Ensuring programs, services, and benefits fit your culture, match the expectations of your talent, and are aligned with your employee brand.
  • Addressing cultural, structural, and process issues that get in the way of doing exciting, challenging work.
Contact us to find out how we've helped build engagement, even in the most challenging of times.
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