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Of all the tools at our disposal, creativity is one of the most powerful. We can envision something that doesn't yet exist - and make it real. When we encounter obstacles - even the most formidable - we can invent ways around them. We can find ways to connect seemingly unrelated elements. And we can discover new, valuable solutions to the challenges we face.

Creativity is an active process. It requires taking risks, bending the rules, making sense of uncertainty, persevering against the odds, experimenting, and learning. Creative License is the permission you give yourself and others to go beyond the usual answers and shape and adapt your ideas as you learn, experiment, and take intelligent risks.

That's why we've named our company after Creative License.

Our mission is to help you and your colleagues trust your creativity - and get great at applying it to solve your most pressing challenges.

Learn how Creative License™ Consulting can help your teams, organization, and leaders go beyond the usual answers.

Check out our Creative License™ Products you can use to kick off new initiatives, spark ideas in brainstorming sessions, identify and address barriers to teamwork and collaboration, and build "creative leadership."

Find out how we can customize Creative License™ Programs to build capability and strengthen behaviors that foster innovation.
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