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Facilitated by our expert team, custom programs combine relevant content with sound methods of action learning so that new knowledge is wedded with practical experience and application right from the start. We work with leaders and teams at all levels in our clients' organizations, customizing our programs to educate, engage, and inspire.

Creativity in Business
Creative Leadership
Creativity In Business
For over 25 years, Creativity in Business has revolutionized the way business leaders apply their creativity to generate profitable, enduring and game-changing results.
We've adapted the famed Creativity in Business (CIB) approach and methodology - developed at Stanford's Graduate School of Business - for corporate clients.

Learn more about how we deliver Creativity in Business for breakthrough results.

Check out case studies that describe how the CIB approach helped clients solve tough business challenges.

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OASIS is a group learning experience about sustaining productivity, change agility, employee resilience and work/life balance in the face of uncertainty. The activities provide a safe, conversational environment that inspires personal reflection and meaningful dialogue amongst team members about how to work more productively at a sustainable pace.

OASIS simulates the risks and opportunities of crossing life's deserts - those uncertain arenas in life - like navigating through change and business complexity, making career choices, and building relationships in a virtual world. In a desert, known skills and past experience have limited value. Following the rules of desert travel is the only way to succeed. Critical Desert Rules: Stop at every oasis. Follow a compass, not a map. When you're stuck, deflate. Step away from your campfire. Travel alone together.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Work teams, new teams, and cross-functional business teams. OASIS is highly effective for team development (groups of 6 - 32) and for Departmental meetings and Offsites (groups of 32 - 120).

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Creative Leadership
In every enterprise, there is what we call a "leadership dynamic": the way leaders work together, inspire and motivate others, gain commitment, build credibility, and develop people. The fact is the behaviors, norms, and beliefs that give shape to the leadership dynamic in your organization may or may not create conditions for innovation to thrive.

Enhancing a leadership dynamic is different than building specific "leadership capability" in one or more individuals. We combine:
  • Specific skill development for cohort groups and/or intact teams that targets underlying beliefs, core skills and behaviors, which have the greatest impact on creative performance.
  • Team and organizational interventions that improve the way our client's leadership collaborate, build partnerships, communicate a compelling purpose to inspire others, and recognize/reward creative action.
Hot topics within the Creative Leadership program include delegating decision-making, fostering autonomy and ownership of results, enhancing knowledge-sharing/input, communicating purpose/mission, and managing intelligent risk.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Intact leadership teams, cross-functional groups of senior leaders, and participants in emerging leader/rotation programs. Creative Leadership is highly effective for groups of 6 - 35, or can be adapted for Departmental meetings and Offsites (groups of 32 - 120). Contact Us to learn more.
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